Building on Perfection: Innovation at Work

Photography by Mark Davidson

Innovative Enhancements, Cutting-Edge Approach Define BIGHORN’s 20-Year Success

Ground-breaking ideas are common at BIGHORN. They are a foundational element and way-of-life approach since its 1996 purchase by R.D. Hubbard and 20 forward-thinking Members. A leading community recognized the world over for a visionary commitment to progress and excellence, BIGHORN has never rested on its laurels or been concerned about what other clubs are doing. For two decades, Chairman R.D. Hubbard’s outside-of-the-box perspectives have shunned the status quo and continually shaped a future that offers the ultimate lifestyle for Members.

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Now in its 20th season, the Valley’s “Innovation Club” strengthens its advantage with plans for a new Clubhouse unlike any other. In cutting-edge BIGHORN fashion, there’s a twist. The new Clubhouse will incorporate four 5,000+ sf luxury penthouses for the ultimate in concierge lifestyle offering style, convenience and prestige. Another example of BIGHORN’s leadership in being one of the most innovative communities in the world.

Designed by the award-winning architectural firm Swaback Partners, the desert contemporary look of the new Clubhouse employs a breathtaking use of space and light to blend timeless style with new state-of-the-art amenities. Set strategically on the site of the former Clubhouse, the new Clubhouse will be positioned to deftly incorporate all of the surrounding vistas and offer a “life after golf” component. Because as Hubbard says, “The Clubhouse is as much about living, playing, and entertaining as it is about enjoying a spectacular game of golf.”

“BIGHORN’s Clubhouse won’t be like anywhere else because the Membership is unlike anywhere else,” Sather continues. “BIGHORN’s successful Membership is open to bold, new ideas while at the same time wanting the ‘downtime’ casual feel that comes with enjoying a vacation retreat, a place where you hear laughter everywhere and you make friends easily. Certainly there are elements of sophistication and organic materials, but it’s their inviting warmth and design that will embrace Members and their families and make them feel like they are home. We think of it as the new gathering place that blurs the lines of art and architecture becoming one with great friends, food, wine and just celebrating life together. What could be better than that?”

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