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Photography by Mark Davidson

BIGHORN Members will kick off their 2017-2018 season with the grandest of unveilings: a brand new, 80,000 sf Clubhouse with four unique, ultra-exclusive Penthouses.

So many people said it couldn’t be done. Tear down the old Clubhouse and build a bigger, state-of-the-art, new one over a single season! Impossible. Well, it’s happened. In 16 short months from July 2016 to November 2017 the new Clubhouse is ready to welcome the Club’s Members to their exhilarating new home! Thanks to the leadership and direction of R.D. Hubbard, BIGHORN’s visionary Chairman, and the passion and “can do” attitude of everyone associated with fulfilling the vision and completing the impossible, the new Clubhouse is a reality.

The Clubhouse which is a significant modern statement of beauty, quality and utility, owes its soaring splendor to a design and construction team, each of whom is acclaimed and internationally recognized, composed of Swaback Partners Architects, Lusardi Construction Company, Blackbird Interiors and Guy Dreier Designs, as well as over 300 trades, international and domestic suppliers, and well over a thousand individuals making contributions to its completion and outcome.

The contemporary look of the new Clubhouse employs a breathtaking use of light and space to blend timeless style with the newest, state-of-the-art amenities. The Clubhouse, at 1,000 feet above the valley floor, was sited so as to deftly incorporate magnificent surrounding views of mountain, valley, and golf course under our ever-present blue sky. The Mountains Course 18th Green nestles at the foot of the Clubhouse alongside a lake that reaches back into the fairway in front of a backdrop of waterfall, stream and desert rock formation. The Clubhouse may begin with golf, but it doesn’t end there. As R.D. Hubbard makes point to note, “The Clubhouse is as much about living, playing, and entertaining as it is about enjoying a spectacular game of golf.”

Although created to meet Members’ needs, “the design is anything but ordinary,” explains Swaback Partner John Sather, AIA, AICP. “We wanted to embrace the character of the surroundings and create an awe-inspiring design that moves the building forward, celebrating the panoramic mountain and down-valley views. We have created a seamless blend of indoor/outdoor living with an organic arc that welcomes you into the space, almost embracing you into the relaxed, fun, utopia lifestyle beyond.”

“BIGHORN’s Clubhouse won’t be like anywhere else because the Membership is unlike anywhere else,” Sather continues. “BIGHORN’s successful Membership is open to bold, new ideas while at the same time wanting the ‘downtime’, casual feel that comes with enjoying a vacation retreat, a place where you hear laughter everywhere and you make friends easily. Certainly there are elements of sophistication and organic materials, but it’s their inviting warmth and design that will embrace Members and their families and make them feel like they are home. This new gathering place blurs the lines of art and architecture, becoming one with great friends, food, wine, and just celebrating life together. What could be better than that?”

Lead Project Architect Brent Harris shares, “The Clubhouse began as a line drawing of two opposing arcs that draw near each other and then away, inviting entry at the porte cochere and then, as the arcs open to the view to the North, dramatically presenting the valley and mountains beyond. In constructing these two powerful arcs, a series of gridlines were laid out radially, emphasizing the organic casualness to create the perfect sense of contentment and relaxation, and showcasing those panoramic views.”

“The radials provide a pattern to locate the community uses, i.e. the living room, dining, concierge, locker rooms, retail, and event spaces. The result is a dynamic structure supplemented by an efficient use of space.”

Swaback Partners’ John Sather designed these “Calderesque leaves” not only to complement the dramatic wave ceiling high above but also to provide the functionality of lighting, air-conditioning, audio system and security to the spectacular Living Room and Pour House.

“Since the Clubhouse is built on curves and radii,” says Carl Cardinalli, BIGHORN President, “there are very few right angles anywhere in the building. Although this fundamental design element optimizes views and makes for a visually striking building, it also creates a very complicated structure which was extremely challenging to build.” A surprising result was how this challenge elicited an enthusiastic “can do” attitude from everyone involved and not just from managers and supervisors. As Cardinalli relates, “One day, as I was making my rounds, I asked a framer about the difficulty of framing The Pour House banquette – which involves multiple walls, all curved, coming together in different planes. He said, ‘It’s really hard. But I love doing it because it’s such a challenge. I don’t get to do this every day!’ To me, that’s key: he seized the day, he challenged himself and used his talent, and felt good about himself. The end result is a beautiful, high-quality, unique environment for the Members and guests to enjoy.”

From the moment you first see the Clubhouse you’ll notice the gorgeous, caramelcolored, imported travertine stone exterior. This timeless material cut from a quarry in Portugal is ideally suited for expressing the smooth, contemporary architecture of the design and provides the perfect canvas for the play of light and shadow as the sun makes its way across the sky. “Everywhere you look,” adds Cardinalli, “you’ll be amazed and because the scene is dynamic, you’ll never tire of it.”

Defining a roofline that terminates in impossibly sleek spires jutting into the sky is nearly 2,000 lineal feet of champagne-bronze metallic looking fascia. The travertine and fascia contrasting to blue sky background is dazzling. And not to be overlooked is the white Peruvian limestone floor that extends throughout the building from your first steps under the porte cochere to the stairs leading to the Event Terrace. A perfect complement to the travertine walls.

Two million pounds of structural steel, 1 million pounds of rebar, and 95,000 cubic feet of concrete have established the stretch and magnitude of the structure. The gleaming, glass panels that act as “see-through” rails on patios and staircases distinctively reinforce the architecture while maintaining the building’s impeccable views. Each glass panel weighing 450 pounds is a unique feature that provides safety and functionality.

“Vertically, the Clubhouse’s signature form is highlighted by the central roof structure located nearly 51 feet above the floor of the first level,” shares Harris. “The shape is derived from a few selected radii combining to create an elevated line. The roof form, fascia profile, finish, and color develop an ever-evolving composition. No two vantage points result in the same presentation. Conceptually, BIGHORN’s Clubhouse is as ambitious as BIGHORN the community.”

Kathy Blackbird and Bob Call, who have been BIGHORN Member’s since 2005, know BIGHORN and innately understand how to create that balance of elegance, comfort and fun that BIGHORN Members have come to expect in all of the Club’s amenities. Their sophisticated take on desert contemporary styling, which blends natural organic elements and clean lines with rich woods and materials, metallic accents, uniquely textured walls, sculptural lighting, and highlights of dramatic color, is so prevalent throughout the the new Clubhouse and taken to a new level. Unique faux finishes created exclusively for BIGHORN, on walls and ceilings in various areas will complement the natural and high-gloss wood finishes as well as the Clubhouse’s signature stone. New event facilities, both indoor and outdoor, will be the venues for the Club’s 100-plus in season events as well as accommodating an active Memberships’ private parties. Fifty-five televisions means that entertainment is accessible throughout all Member gathering areas. But the crown jewel of the Clubhouse’s features just might be a dazzling 16-foot, cascading, hand-blown glass chandelier in the center of the main stairwell that is truly an exquisite sculpture of light. Whether ascending the stairs to The Pour House or descending the stairs to the Hub, your walk around the lights will bedazzle you.

More than a Clubhouse, BIGHORN’s new social focal point offers an exclusive lifestyle opportunity to a fortunate, very few. Four completely unique, luxurious residences, ranging in area from approximately 5,200 sf to 6,800 sf, on the top floor of the Clubhouse accessible to the legendary BIGHORN quality and service by a one-floor, private elevator ride. The Penthouse owners “club” is already even more exclusive because only three remain available. Just an indication of the desirability of the one-of-a-kind nature of the unmatched setting, finishes, design, views, and access to immediate BIGHORN concierge service.

The Penthouse floorplans were conceived by world-renowned designer Guy Dreier, whose contemporary home concepts have graced the covers of Architectural Digest and Robb Report. His imaginative designs have received international 41 recognition and innumerable awards. The supreme advantage of these private penthouses, besides an exquisite living environment? “Almost anything a Penthouse owner could want can be realized by a call to the Concierge. This is the ultimate in concierge living,” Cardinalli says.

Spacious luxury, comfortable environments, and beautiful views that open to awe-inspiring surroundings define every floor of the new Clubhouse. As Hubbard envisions BIGHORN’s latest innovation, “We’ve walked through the threshold of the future and are setting a new standard in the Clubhouse world. I look forward to seeing BIGHORN continue to set the standard for the finest Clubhouses of our time.”

Passion in Every Detail:
• 80,000 sq ft includes BIGHORN’s Clubhouse plus 4 Penthouses, each a unique custom residence. Penthouse floorplans and the interiors of 301 and 303 are designed by Guy Dreier – Internationally renowned and responsible for some of the most forward-thinking and iconic homes at BIGHORN. Penthouse 1 is 6,009 sf plus 1,922 sf patio; Penthouse 2 is 5,129 sf; Penthouse 3 is 4,782 sf on the main level with a 21’ ceiling, 2,008 sf on upper master level, plus 1,432 sf patio; Penthouse 4 is 6,709 sq ft – all offering the ultimate in concierge lifestyle.

• Sather’s Calderesque “leaves” in the Pour House serve a utilitarian purpose but were designed as a suspended work of art within this grand setting.

• Forward-looking architecture in a timeless contemporary style emphasized by stone and metal, floor-to-ceiling glass, and a distinctive swooping roofline.

• A Golf Shop within a stunning glass oval! Madison Avenue chic meets BIGHORN’s designer selections and stellar service.

• Dining venues including the famed Pour House (125 indoor seating, 75 terrace seating), spacious Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms, Private Dining Room, and special catered events in The Hub (200 seating) and on the Event Terrace (650+ seating).

• Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms overlooking the Mountains’ 18th fairway with views down valley and of the Shadow Hills, San Jacinto range, and Eisenhower Mountain. Both offer personalized service, indoor and outdoor dining, and keyless lockers operated electronically by wall-mount activation. The Men’s Locker Room hosts a generous bar and multiple 75” TVs, pool table and shuffleboard. The Ladies’ Locker Room features stunning wall treatments, furnishings, and attentive dining service to make every moment memorable.

• Enhanced AT&T cell delivery service throughout property.

• Co-ed and Men’s and Ladies’ Card Rooms.

• High-performance Board Room providing the most advanced teleconferencing and videoconferencing.

• An ultra-high-performance network designed to handle the highest internet speeds with capacity to go exceedingly higher as future technologies evolve.

• An interactive, touch display for Members’ use to easily access information, news, and events.

• State-of-the-art touchscreen kiosks using 4K Ultra Touch Sharp displays with 3840 x 2160 resolution.

• 55 televisions located throughout the Clubhouse include the latest weather-resistant outdoor TVs and professional monitor indoor TVs offering optimal light output with energyefficient, mercury-free, LED light assemblies, all rated for 24/7 use and broadcast services of DirecTV, Dish Net, Spectrum Cable, and Shaw satellite.

• Discreetly engineered, Clubhouse-wide, audio system for front-of-house, audiophile sound quality any source demands: soft background music for dining, amplified volume for dancing, meeting presentations, celebrations, or event broadcasts.

• Enhanced interior and exterior security systems including: Bosch 360 Degree Panoramic 5 Megapixel Panoramic HD Interior Cameras and Bosch Starlight 720p HD Exterior Cameras.

• Sharon Marston hand-blown, amber light fixtures welcoming Members into The Pour House.

• A Sharon Marston 16-foot chandelier of fiber optics and hand-blown glass descends from the main floor ceiling guiding you down a dramatic staircase to The Hub.

Penthouse 3 offers 6,790 sf of interior living on two floors. Ascend the staircase or high-tech elevator to the master suite with luxurious bath, walk-in closets, and study

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