More Than a Clubhouse

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In 2017, BIGHORN will unveil an architecturally stunning new gathering place designed at every turn to welcome, host, surprise, and take Members’ breath away.

More Than a Clubhouse article in Palm Springs Life Magazine

We all know the phrase, “Go big or go home.” But starting this fall, BIGHORN Golf Club Members will have the chance to go big and go home.

That’s because Members at BIGHORN have two homes. The first one they purchase; the second is an amenity beyond compare. And by this time next year, their second home will have increased in size, glamour, and richness of experience. Now that’s a warm welcome home.

Set strategically on the site of the former Clubhouse, a three-story masterpiece by award-winning architectural firm Swaback Partners is taking shape by the day: transforming the sky with its swooping roofline, embracing the community’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and framing the far-reaching views in every direction. The plans reveal a compelling 75,000-square-foot structure based on organic forms inspired by the mountains, golf courses, and natural surroundings. This is the club’s new centerpiece, an inviting and dynamic base camp of sorts, nearly twice the size of its predecessor. Casual yet sophisticated, the Clubhouse is designed to be the living room of the community.

BIGHORN, already renowned, is once again raising the bar as it enters its 21st season in unparalleled style. Says Vice President of Operations Carl Cardinalli on beginning the single-season project with Chairman and CEO R.D. Hubbard: “First he wanted this to be the best Clubhouse in the Coachella Valley. Then he expanded it to California. Finally, he asked for just the best Clubhouse period.”

Only at BIGHORN could a Club at the pinnacle of popularity tear down a beloved structure and make their Members even happier. At BIGHORN, every season brings new cause for celebration.

In Fall 2015, The Vault at BIGHORN swung open its doors to introduce a private showplace for Members’ prized automobiles, complete with the exquisite Redline Lounge and the exciting virtual race simulator. This year, Members returned to a host of improvements, including a brand-new junior Olympic-sized pool; an ever-popular pickleball court; resurfaced tennis courts plus two HydroCourts (a clay court watered from underneath, making it especially forgiving on knees and backs); and a completely renovated Golf House with a new indoor-outdoor dining experience, outdoor bistro, and bar.

Come November 2017, life after golf will look and be experienced like never before. The symphonic collaboration between Swaback Partners, Lusardi Construction, and Blackbird Interiors ensures it.

A grand entrance, including an inviting glass entry wall, sets the tone for its desert contemporary design

As the new Clubhouse materializes before Members’ eyes, a grand entrance sets the tone for its desert contemporary design. An inviting glass entry wall welcomes Members into the Clubhouse experience. Travertine walls, limestone floors, native stone, and abundant glazing complement shapes and forms from the natural world and an expressive use of space and light. State-of-the-art amenities are a given.

Housed in a striking oval-shaped glass cylinder, the Golf Boutique is a luxury pro shop that meets Madison Avenue chic. Appropriately attached and integrated into the boutique is the Jewel Box, which offers Members a separate space to browse, shop, and dream among a curated selection of jewelry treasures.

The foundation of the Clubhouse design is two anchoring, curved walls that arch toward each other then move away again. “The welcoming open curve draws you into the space then invites you out to the views of the valley and mountains,” Cardinalli explains. Through the central living room past the concierge, Members reach The Pour House. Vistas in this comfortable and hip dining venue extend across the lush course below to the mountains at the edge of the valley. “We won’t have a bad seat in the house!”

Men’s and ladies’ locker rooms present indooroutdoor dining, card rooms (complementing the designated co-ed card room adjacent to The Pour House), and their own panoramic views. New event facilities, both indoor and outdoor, will facilitate the Club’s 100-plus in-season events and accommodate private parties. More than 50 televisions entertain throughout. But the crown jewel just might be a dazzling 16-foot, cascading glass chandelier that is more of an exquisite sculpture of light. Ascend or descend the stairwell that wraps around it to experience its incredible sparkle from all sides.

“Members will have a one-of-a-kind piece of architecture,” says John Sather, a partner at Swaback, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “BIGHORN’s new Clubhouse is going to be very bold, veryexciting, andmostimportant, timeless.”

Spacious luxury, welcoming environments, and views that open to an awe-inspiring landscape define every floor of the new Clubhouse

More than a Clubhouse, BIGHORN’s new social focal point offers a limited residential aspect that showcases the community from an entirely new perspective. Four unique penthouses, ranging from 5,200 to 6,800 square feet, build on the legendary BIGHORN lifestyle. Each beckons atop the Clubhouse with elevated views. “We took all the elements of a single-family residence that you’d find on a BIGHORN homesite and created the penthouses,” Cardinalli says.

Four illustrative floor plans were submitted by world-renowned designer Guy Dreier, whose contemporary home concepts have graced the covers of Architectural Digest and Robb Report. His imaginative structures that trade right angles for flowing curves have received international recognition and numerous awards. The supreme advantage of these private penthouses? “Any wish you have, you call the concierge and it is delivered. These are the ultimate in concierge living,” Cardinalli says.

Spacious luxury, welcoming environments, and views that open to an awe-inspiring landscape define every floor of the new Clubhouse. As Hubbard envisions BIGHORN’s latest innovation, “We’ve walked through the threshold of the future and are setting a new standard in the Clubhouse world. I look forward to seeing BIGHORN continue to set the standard for the finest Clubhouses of our time.”

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